Lifelong Learning

Where else can you find a stimulating intellectual and social environment for active adults? Symposium courses offer a variety of subjects including but not limited to: fine arts, science, civil liberties, literature, entertainment, economics and industries in and around Houston.

Our instructors and facilitators teach for the joy and satisfaction of sharing their expertise. Our participants have the opportunity to stretch their minds and pursue new challenges. There are no exams, no grades. All that is required is to come with a sharp pencil and have a thirst for learning. Peer-led courses consist of four consecutive weekly, one-hour sessions held in the fall and winter.

Masters of Success

Masters of Success

Tuesdays, Feb 6-27 | 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

Eight speakers who will share their unique success stories in a wide variety of careers and professions.

Learn about their original aspirations, how they got started, their formal education which may or may not have prepared them for their current career, their wonderful triumphs and challenging road blocks along the way.

Feb 6
Merin Guthrie, Founder and CEO, The Kitmade Company

Feb 13
Beth Wolff, Chairwoman & CEO, Beth Wolff Realtors

Feb 20
Benjy Levit, Owner, Benjy's
Jay Steinfeld, Founder and CEO,

Feb 27
Daniel Brooks, Curator at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
Sara Brook, Owner, Dessert Gallery Bakery & Cafe

Four Modern Wars You've Never Heard of

Four Modern Wars

Tuesdays, Feb 6-27 | 11:30 AM-12:30 PM

“War, what is it good for?” asked Edwin Starr. Well, Edwin the effects of wars are numerous.

Wars can both stimulate or destroy economies, devastate infrastructure, drastically change a society, displace the population, alter gender and ethnic relations and create strong or weakened states.

In this symposium class, we’re going to study four modern wars you’ve probably never heard of:

  • The Anglo-Afghan Wars
  • The Italo-Turkish War
  • The Polish-Soviet War
  • The Great Syrian Revolt

Each of these armed conflicts significantly changed modern history in ways we’re still coping with. Join instructor Aaron Howard as he explores the causes, contexts and outcomes of these four conflicts. Even if you don’t know the first thing about the principles of armed conflict, you will see war with new eyes after taking this Symposium class.


Total cost of Symposium semester (both courses) 
$28 Member | $42 Public

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