An Afternoon with Sholem Aleichem Commemorating his Yahrzeit

“Let my name be recalled with laughter!”

Co-presented with Yiddish Vinkel Houston
Knowledge of Yiddish NOT Required
Sunday, May 6, 2018 | 2:00 PM

Sholem AleichemJoin us as Houston joins hundreds of communities around the world who annually gather to read works in Yiddish and English to commemorate his life. 

Singing and noshes follow the reading Mr. Green Has a Job (Mister Grin Hot a Dzhob).  Written in 1915, it is the story of Mr. Green, an immigrant who is confronted with the jungle of the American big city and tries to support himself by blowing the shofar. Mr. Green has a fictitious meeting with the author, the well-known Sholem Aleichem, on a New York street. Instead of a dialogue with the writer, the story is a long monologue by Mr. Green, who starts blazing away on life in the Goldene Medine.

Shalom Rabinovitz (1859–1916), aka Sholem Aleichem, one of the founding fathers of modern Yiddish Literature, was a supreme Jewish humorist who tapped into the energies of the East European, spoken-Yiddish idiom and invented modern Jewish archetypes, myths, and fables of unequaled imaginative potency and universal appeal. 

For years since his death, hundreds of communities around the world have annually gathered to read his works in Yiddish and English to commemorate his life. 

The program is free but due to limited seating, RSVPs are requested to