Deutser Art Gallery

Deutser Art Gallery

The Deutser Art Gallery is a non-profit exhibition and education space created to promote awareness, appreciation and interest in visual arts, reflecting the diversity of the Jewish people.

Exhibit Schedule  

J Teen Art Scene 

Art Exhibition by Local Teens

Feb 16–March 21

J Teen Art Scene

Theme: CommUNITY
Whether through visual art, sculpture, culinary, fashion design, photography, or music and performing arts, we're excited to celebrate what makes Houston's Jewish teen community so unique!

Selected works will be displayed at a Grand Opening Showcase and Awards Ceremony. Learn more 


Israel Street Photography by Roy Rozanski

Apr 13–June 1

Israel Street Photography

Roy Rozanski is a 37 year old photographer who hails from Israel. He calls Tel Aviv his “main hunting ground” because it contains “a highly versatile street life.

Street photography is challenging as nothing is staged or rehearsed. A photographer has to be ready to catch a “decisive moment.”

Discovered and recommended to us by the Jewish Herald Voice’s Michael Duke, we are proud to introduce Rozanski’s work to the Houston community.

Gallery Hours

Monday–Thursday | 10:00 AM–10:00 PM
Friday & Sunday | 9:00 AM–5:00 PM

The Deutser Art Gallery Season is funded in part by our Patron of the Arts.
Guidelines on Submitting Portfolios 

For more information about the Deutser Art Gallery, please contact Marilyn Hassid at at 713.595.8162.