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The Deutser Art Gallery is a non-profit exhibition and education space created to promote awareness, appreciation and interest in visual arts, reflecting the diversity of the Jewish people.

Works of Collage
Jennifer Pittsford:
Works of Collage
Israel Street Photography
Israel Street Photography

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Jennifer Pittsford Art: Works of Collage

Oct 20–Nov 13, 2017
Jennifer Pittsford is a visual artist specializing in collage, using torn and cut magazines to create an image. As a high school senior, she was accepted into the Art Satellite Program where she took an advanced course at The Milwaukee Art Museum and was introduced to collage as a fine art medium.

Featured in this exhibition is a work created for the Ann and Stephen Kaufman Jewish Book & Arts Festival brochure.

Treetopia – 20 Years of Exploring the Tree Trunk Through Process and Material
By Orna Feinstein

Nov 17–Dec 29, 2017
Courtesy of Anya Tish Gallery

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Orna Feinstein’s exploration of her iconic tree rings motif and will be celebrated with a presentation on her new book at this year’s Local Literati program at the Ann and Stephen Kaufman Jewish Book & Arts Festival followed by an exhibition of her works opening just after the Festival.

Feinstein specializes in monoprints and other mixed media. Her art begins with an observation of nature and ends up in an abstract creation.

Gotta Dance: The Art of the Dance Movie Poster
From the Mike Kaplan Collection

Jan 5–Feb 12, 2018
As a young child, Mike Kaplan fell in love with theater ads, clipping them from the Sunday New York Times and coloring them. Kaplan became part of the film industry which allowed him to collect new poster favorites.

He is a producer, documentary director, actor, award-winning poster designer and an advocate for posters as an art form. Gotta Dance unites dance and film fans featuring posters from nine different nations.

J Teen Art Scene
Art Exhibition by Local Teens

Feb 16–March 8, 2018
Reception and Awards Ceremony
Sunday, Feb 25, 2018

Scattered Among the Nations: The Jews of India

March 10–Apr 12, 2018
Bryan Schwartz, Sandy Carter and Jay Sand have visited dozens of the most isolated Jewish communities in the world. Their unique photographs and interviews document populations that remain on the geographic and cultural fringes of the Jewish Diaspora.

This exhibit, in conjunction with FotoFest 2018 Biennial, documents the Bene Israel and Benei Menashe communities.

Israel Street Photography by Roy Rozanski

Apr 13–June 1, 2018
Roy Rozanski is a 37 year old photographer who hails from Israel. He calls Tel Aviv his “main hunting ground” because it contains “a highly versatile street life.

Street photography is challenging as nothing is staged or rehearsed. A photographer has to be ready to catch a “decisive moment.”

Discovered and recommended to us by the Jewish Herald Voice’s Michael Duke, we are proud to introduce Rozanski’s work to the Houston community.

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The Deutser Art Gallery Season is funded in part by our Patron of the Arts.
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