Facility Updates

Updated 4-18-17

Here is a facility update on the progress we have made in the past few days. The replacement parts for the boilers have arrived and have been installed. We are running them through tests and hope to have them online very soon.

Meanwhile we have temporary portable boilers providing hot water to the locker rooms and the rest of the building with the exception of the indoor pool. That water is currently at 79 to 80 degrees.

Just a reminder that both whirlpools in the Men’s Health Center will remain off even after the new boilers are brought online. There is some additional pipe work to be done before they can be connected, and this will take at least a couple of weeks to complete.

We are continuing to work on our improvements throughout the facility. As we change over from older systems to new ones, there will be short outages in regards to hot water, electricity and air-conditioning. We will do our best to communicate these to you in advance when possible.

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to make these improvements. If you have questions or comments, please contact Teri Greenblatt at tgreenblatt@erjcchouston.org or Alan Lipman at alipman@erjcchouston.org.


Updated 4-14-17

We would like to inform you of the most recent status of our facility updates. Construction on the new cooling tower is complete, and the 50 year old motor control center panels that control electricity in the building have been replaced with new, modern electronic units. All of the facility, including Bertha Alyce School, now has cool air.  

The indoor pool is also now up and running and back on operating schedule. The water temperature, however, is temporarily colder than before at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. We have closed the outside pool to continue with pre-summer prep. 

In regards to hot water, we have had some setbacks. The new boilers were damaged during the shipping process. This was not detected until we attempted to bring them online late yesterday. 

With this being a holiday weekend for some, the earliest we can hope to have replacement parts sent would be Monday. At this point there are too many variables involved to commit to a day when the parts will arrive and the boilers repaired and put online.

We will, however, send an update on Tuesday when we have more precise information. Just to be clear, this affects nearly all areas of the J including the downstairs locker rooms, Men’s Health Center and the indoor pool. Bertha Alyce School, the Fitness Center and the Women’s Health Center are on separate systems, so they continue to have hot water.  

While the obstacles that we are encountering as we work to improve our facility are frustrating to all, the end result will be a more efficient and reliable J for the future. We cannot thank you enough for your continued patience and support while we work through these issues, and we apologize for the inconvenience and interruption of services. 

If you need any further information or have any questions, please email Teri Greenblatt attrgreenblatt@erjcchouston.org or Alan Lipman at alipman@erjcchouston.org.



Updated 4-13-17

The water is back on in the showers in the Men's Executive Locker Room. However, the whirlpools will be non-operational due to boiler issues for the next couple of weeks. 

The Darsky Outdoor Pool will be open until 8:00 PM tonight, Thursday, April 13. 

The Proler Indoor Pool will be open with normal hours starting Friday, April 14, and the outdoor pool will be closed. When we open in the morning the indoor pool temperature will be in the low 80s, and as the heater continues to work it will slowly rise to 86 degrees. 



Programs Temporarily Moving to the Merfish Teen Center

  • Stay Young through Fitness - 4/3 & 4/7
  • Senior Lunch - 4/3 & 4/7
  • Melton Classes - 4/4
  • Torah Class - 4/7
  • Youth Theatre JCCS - 4/4
  • Youth Theatre Teen Lion King - 4/3, 4/6, 4/13

Programs Temporarily Moving to the Group Exercise Room

  • Dancing 3-4s Tuesday 4/4 3:30 PM-4:15 PM 
  • Dancing Tots Wednesday 4/5 3:30 PM-4-15 PM 


  • Stay Young Through Fitness - 4/5
  • Jewish/Hebrew Explorers - 4/5 & 4/12

Some facilities will be unaffected or will have temporary A/C units - please see the chart below for details. If your class or program is not listed, please check with your instructor.

Our infrastructure update project has been moving along nicely. We’ve reached a point where we will be upgrading our heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and cooling towers, as well as electrical work related to those projects. This will work cause some disruption to air conditioning and ventilation in the Weingarten Building (main building) and Bertha Alyce School.

A number of programs will be relocated to the Merfish Teen Center. Please check this web page for updates.

Thank you for your patience as we enhance your member experience.

Monday, April 3 - Friday, April 7

Weingarten Building

Cooling tower will be replaced, which means there will be no air conditioning. We will provide temporary AC units in some areas. 

Women's Executive Locker Room, Fitness, Tennis & Gymnastics Centers and Indoor Pool 

Unaffected. No change.

Bertha Alyce School 

No air conditioning. We will provide temporary AC units in the classrooms throughout the week. 

Men's & Women's Locker Rooms

The men's and women's general locker rooms will be closed, and members will have access to the Executive Locker Rooms that will have temporary air conditioning.


Monday, April 10 - Friday, April 14

All Main Campus Facilities 

Related electrical work being performed. There will be intermittent electrical outages that may affect certain areas of the building. Please check the website for updates, and every effort will be made to minimize disruptions.  


Monday, April 10 - Tuesday, April 11

Locker Rooms

No hot water in the men’s and women’s general locker rooms or the Men’s Executive Locker Room. Hot water will be available in the Women's Executive Locker Room. Reminder that the J will close on Monday, April 10 at 3:00 PM and be closed on Tuesday, April 11 in observance of Passover.  


Thank you for your patience and understanding while we upgrade these critical components of our building’s infrastructure. We recognize that this will be a burden and could at times create uncomfortable conditions in parts of the building. Please know that we are doing everything we can to minimize the disruption during these two weeks.

As with projects such as this, there could be unexpected changes to the schedule. Please continue to check this web page for updates. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alan Lipman, Associate Executive Director, at alipman@erjcchouston.org or 713.551.7233.