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Heroes of the Greater Meyerland Super Neighborhood
The J spearheads activiation
Tuesday, August 1, 2017
by mgroogan

Heroes of the Greater Meyerland Super Neighborhood

Houston, TX – Evelyn Rubenstein JCC of Houston spearheads activation of Super Neighborhood 31 (SN#31) that includes Greater Meyerland in direct response to flooding and crime events. The City of Houston and Mayor Sylvester Turner formally recognized the formation of SN#31 at City Hall on July 25, 2017. Leadership represents nine distinguished Homeowner Associations and several recognized community stakeholders.

“Our goal is to make the Greater Meyerland area a better place to live, shop, work and go to school,” said Harold L. Harris, SN#31 President. “SN#31 represents more than 20,000 individuals. Our strength in numbers will get City Hall to listen and assist us in returning the Greater Meyerland area to the desirable area it was in the past. We wish to thank the J for all their efforts in fostering the development of SN#31 and allowing us to meet in their building.”

Super Neighborhoods are forums where stakeholders including residents can collaborate on neighborhood issues and problem solve with city officials to be more responsive to community needs. SN#31 is centered in southwest Houston, District C and covers Brays Bayou along Interstate 610 towards Hillcroft. The Greater Meyerland Super Neighborhood members are already planning ways to strengthen infrastructure, fight crime, prevent flooding and make the greater Meyerland community as a whole, a more enriched place for people to work, live and play.

 “Of the 103 capital improvement projects proposed for District C this fiscal year, none are in Greater Meyerland. This underscores the need for Meyerland’s voice to be heard and we are proud to be part of the force behind it,” said Alan Lipman, Evelyn Rubenstein JCC Associate Executive Director.  

The homeowners’ associations in SN#31 are: Braesmont Civic, Barkley Circle Civic, Barkley Square Civic, Maplewood Civic, Maplewood S/N CIA, Marilyn Estates Association, Meyercrest, Meyerland CIA, and Shadowcrest. There are 88 Super Neighborhoods in Houston, only about half of them are currently active.

“I am so pleased to support the activation of the Greater Meyerland Super Neighborhood,” said Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Houston and District C Council Member Ellen Cohen. “When my late husband and I moved our family to Houston in 1977, we chose Meyerland to make our home because of its strong civic groups, faith institutions, and neighborhood-centric businesses. A super neighborhood allows these fantastic groups to come together and act with one voice when confronted with floods, crime and other regional challenges. I look forward to continuing our strong working relationship to ensure that Meyerland remains a great place to live, work, and play in the years to come.”

For more information about SN#31 visit or

Photo Caption: Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner formally recognizes the formation of Super Neighborhood 31 and the SN#31 Executive Committee at City Hall. Pictured left to right: Kay Swint, Recording Secretary; Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Cohen; Harrold Harris, President; Mayor Sylvester Turner; Alan Lipman, Vice President and Barbara Marcus, Communication Secretary    

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