Aquatics Policies

Pool Rules

  1. Lifeguard must be obeyed at all times.
  2. No running or horseplay in pool areas.
  3. Proper swim attire is required. No cutoffs or thongs.
  4. No food or drinks in the pool or within 5 feet of pool.
  5. Children under the age of 12 that have not passed a swim test must be accompanied by an adult. Children must be within arm’s length reach of parent when in pool or surrounding pool area.
  6. No diving in less than 9 feet of water.
  7. Personal floatation devices (PFDs) can only be used by children in the shallow end and only if a parent is within arm’s length reach of their child. No PFDs can be used in the medium to deep portions of the pool.
  8. No glass bottles or other glass on pool deck.
  9. When lap swimming is available:
    a. Member may only swim in a designated lane. No lap swimming in open, undesignated areas.
    b. Lap lanes are for lap swimmers only. Open swimming is available in designated areas.
    c. When there are three or more swimmers to a lane, member must circle swim.
    d. Lap swimming is limited to two lanes, unless otherwise noted, during all other morning AquaFit classes.
  10. When there are no lap swimming lanes available, swim jogging is available in the deep end of pool.
  11. Water Aerobic classes are for registered participants only. Please see Aquatics Office for details regarding registration.
  12. Water exercise equipment (kickboards, barbells, jogging belts, etc.) is for adult members' use only.
  13. The Head Guard on duty may use discretion to adjust the lane ropes as necessary.
  14. Standard pool policy is for the outdoor pools to close when the water temperature falls below 78 degrees.
  15. The Joe Darsky Outdoor Pool must be 78 degrees prior to opening for the season. 

Private/Semi-Private Lesson Completion Policy 

Read the policies for all private and semi-private swim lessons

Swim Diaper Policy

ALL swimmers under the age of 3 OR swimmers over the age of 3 who are not fully potty trained must be double diapered to use any pool. This may be two reusable diapers or one disposable and one reusable. One of the reusable diapers MUST be manufactured by I-Play, which we will have available for purchase at the Aquatic Office for $10.  

Slide and Diving Board Rules

  1. All deep water swimmers must pass swim test.
  2. One bounce allowed on diving board.
  3. No personal flotation devices or goggles allowed.
  4. One person on diving board at a time.
  5. Divers must wait until person ahead reaches side pool ladder.
  6. Divers should exit diving area from the side pool ladder.

Locker Room Policy

To respect the privacy of all members, only children age 6 years and under may accompany an opposite sex parent into the locker rooms. Children over the age of 6 years with an opposite sex parent should use the Family Changing Facility located by the babysitting room next to the gymnasium. Thank you for your cooperation.  

Inclement Weather Policy

If there is inclement weather or a rain out before or during swimming instruction, lessons will be move inside to the Proler Indoor Pool. There will be no make-ups for classes missed due to personal unexcused absences. There are no refunds or credits for classes missed due to personal unexcused absences.  Aquatics Bucks or credits to your membership account will be issued for cancelled classes due to mechanical issues or instructor absences.