Swim Testing

Policy and Procedures

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. All individuals under the age of 6 must pass a swim test to use any area of the pool without adult supervision at an arm length away

Once the individual has passed the swim test, they will be issued 10 wrist bands for the summer. For a child under the age of 6 to be allowed in the water without immediate adult supervisor they must wear one of the wrist bands.

Any child 6-17 that is not able to demonstrate an ability to be in the water safely on their own, the aquatics staff will ask them to take the swim test. If they are not able to pass the swim test, they will need adult supervisor at an arm length away at all times while in the pool.

To pass the swim test, each child will have to swim the length of the pool, without assistance and without grabbing the wall or the lane rope

  • The swim test will begin with a jump into water and pull themselves back up to the surface
  • Go right into a 25 yard swim
  • During the test we ask family members and friends to refrain from encouraging the swimming. We know you want to see them pass but we want to make sure they can do it without your verbal assistance

Swim Test Procedures

  1. Locate the Pool Supervisor
  2. Ask for the swim test
  3. Complete swim test
  4. Receive wrist bands
  5. Wear wristband at all times in the pool
  6. One difference this year is we will not be keeping a record of who pass the test. If your child forgets their wristband, they will need to take it again. If at any time the aquatics staff feels your child needs to take the test again, they will go and speak with the parents or guardian.