Swim Testing

Policy and Procedures

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. All individuals under the age of 18 must pass a swim test to use any area of any pool past the 3 ft. depth marker rope line. This includes the Joe Darsky and Proler diving boards and both of the Joe Darsky Pool slides.

Exception: An individual is allowed in any area of the pool if the water level is below shoulder height while they are standing on the bottom of the pool.

Once the individual has passed the swim test, they will be issued a wrist band that must be worn at all times. No child will be permitted in the deep end without a wrist band.

Children who have not passed the swim test are permitted to use any area of the pool, except the deep end, as long as they are within arm's length of a parent or adult supervisor. Children using the Joe Darsky Pool small slide who have not passed the swim test must have a parent or adult supervisor in the water at the bottom of the slide.

The swim test has three components to it and they all must be completed without touching the wall, bottom or grabbing a rope

  • Jump into water at least 7 ft deep and pull themselves back up to the surface
  • Go right into floating or treading water for 1 minute
  • Go right into a 25 yard swim

Swim Test Procedures

  1. Locate the Shift Supervisor or lifeguard on the pool deck
  2. Have name recorded on swim test log in roster
  3. Complete swim test given by lifeguard
  4. Receive wrist band
  5. Wear wristband at all times in the pool
  6. To receive a new wrist band on another day, check in at the reception desk or lifeguard stand and a new one will be issued to anyone who has previously passed the test.