Swimming Fun at Camp

Swim Lessons

We provide all campers in our traditional camps with a quality instructional swim experience. The foundation of our program is based on the principles and methods that promote water safety and teach our campers how to swim.

Our program is level based where each camper must complete each skill in their current level before moving on to the next one. Digital report cards will be sent home three times during a 4-week session: after the initial evaluation, halfway through the session and at the end of the session to update you on your child's progress.

For our more advanced swimmers, instructional swim is designed to prepare campers to pass the swim test that is required to use the slide, diving board and rock wall.

For more information regarding instructional swim during camp or any of our year–round swim classes, swim team or adult swim exercise program, please contact Aquatics Director Lee Hutchens at or 713.595.8193.