A Mom's First Hand Experience of ERJCC Summer Day Camp

Monday, October 21, 2013
Posted by: Jason Dobrolecki

clientuploads/Blog/Molly_Camp2013.jpgAt the ERJCC our goal every day is make memorable experiences and have a positive impact on our community, especially for the children in our programs, many of whom attend different schools, synagogues, churches, etc. We are the community hub where they can meet friends they wouldn't otherwise see. The program instructors and camp counselors are positive role models who strive to provide these experiences every day. 

We rarely get to witness the real impact our staff and programs have on kids after they leave the ERJCC. This is why we love these types of stories.

The story below comes from a Summer Day Camp parent and highlights the positive work done by our camp staff every day, the difference they strive to make in children's lives, and the friendships that are made right here at the ERJCC:

I wanted to share a story with you that my daughter shared with me this week.

On Monday, my daughter returned to Art Camp at the ERJCC. She is enrolled in Performing Arts Camp in the second session for the third year now. When she walked into camp and the first session Performing Arts Campers saw her, they called her name and ran over to her to say hello. There were so many kids who wanted to say hello that the Performing Arts Camp Director asked for my daughter to come into the other camp so that it would be less disruptive.

The best part of this vignette is that the only place that my daughter was able to meet these other kids - all of whom go to other schools and synagogues - has been the ERJCC.  She looks forward to having these experiences every summer - and when she sees these kids throughout the year, she and the other kids are excited to see each other.

I can't even express how wonderful these experiences have been for my daughter's self-esteem - especially in her pre-teen years.

Thank you for creating these fantastic programs - and a loving, caring, safe place for children from different schools, synagogues and locations to meet, have meaningful experiences and forge relationships in a Jewish context.

It's been great for my daughter!

All the best,


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