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Wednesday, August 6, 2014
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Ten years ago, Betsy Levinson thought it would be fun to join an aquatic exercise class at the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center. 

Little did she know she later would become the teacher.

Now, the 53-year-old fitness instructor leads several different classes five days a week, working with men and women from a wide variety of age groups.

“It’s a great form of exercise and a wonderful camaraderie of people who have really bonded,” Levinson said. “I just love it, and we have so much fun. The people are great. We are all diverse and we have all sizes and all ages.” 

Water exercise is great for people who have hip or knee issues because there is less resistance under water. People can walk, jump or do high-impact exercise without feeling pain later.

Riva Schneider has been taking the class for a couple of years and has seen improvement with her joints and knees.

“I was doing exercise classes at the J, but my knees started bothering me, so I switched to the water,” Schneider said. “It’s been much better for me than jumping around on the ground.

“It also helps that the instructor is wonderful and makes the class a lot of fun.”

After being a student for five years, Levinson got certified through the Aquatics Exercise Association of America and took over as the teacher.

“I just loved it so much, I thought it would be neat to teach them one day,” Levinson said. 

Now, she is passing on the fun to a new group of students...

To see the full story click here to visit the Jewish Herald Voice. 

*Photo by Matt Samuels of JHV
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