Aromatherapy at the J

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Posted by: Marilyn Hassid

We’re surrounded by so many stinky things, on a regular day. And now, even more, for some of our unfortunate community members who were affected by the recent flooding and have been cleaning, scrubbing, and throwing stuff for weeks. But as I walked up to the J this morning and caught a whiff of something even before stepping into the building, I realized what we all could use this summer is a little aromatherapy at the J

It’s not what you think. It’s not some spritz the J is squirting outside to welcome its visitors and members. It’s not the sometimes far too heavy use of Norell perfume, a favorite of my late mother and so many other women of a certain age, many of whom are at the J every day to exercise, socialize, or just plain “hang out.” (Yes! Active adults like to just hang out!) And it’s not the enticing smells coming from Laykie’s kitchens, although they are intoxicating.

It’s sunscreen!

It’s Summer Camp at the J and one whiff of sunscreen calms my heart, settles my nerves, touches my soul, and takes me back to a place when I lathered it on my young children—they’re 29 and 33 now, and even further back to when I was a child. I just stood there taking in three very slow, deep breaths. It was all I needed to start my day right

What is it about smells that have that effect on us? Like a song from our past, a smell can vividly take us back in time. We can smell, taste, and even see where we were, what we were doing, and with whom. It’s a beautiful thing

There’s something comforting about that smell of sunscreen each summer. It makes me feel permanence. It reinforces that life continues and some things never change. Sunscreen at the J during the summer awakens my spirits and will awaken yours. And if you need some extra aromatherapy, I encourage you to step into the indoor pool, close your eyes, and remember swim lessons, pool parties, and yes, just hanging out at the J.

Marilyn Hassid
Assistant Executive Director & JCC member from birth through... 


What are the smells and experiences that take you back to your childhood at the J?  We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.   

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