J Ride Hits a Milestone

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Posted by: Morgan Steinberg

J Ride started in mid-May and has been up and running for over 45 weeks now. Last week marked a milestone as we have now provided over 1,000 rides. These rides are a lifeline for many members of our community. The J Ride service gets them to medical and personal care appointments, as well as to the grocery store. Because of J Ride, seniors and special needs adults in our community can feel a greater sense of independence as they don’t need to rely on a family member or friend to take them everywhere.

Twice a week a J Ride driver picks up Faith and Louis Marshall to take Mr. Marshall to his dialysis appointment. Prior to using J Ride, the Marshall’s did not have a dependable ride. “The J Ride service has made all the difference in our lives. The J Ride drivers are wonderful, kind, and considerate. I can’t say enough about the drivers,” says Faith Marshall.

The Marshall’s story is one of 83 that can be told about how our Jewish community is impacting lives as a result of the J Ride service.

The J Ride model makes sense for our community, but what we could have never planned on was the impact the drivers would have on members using the service. Our drivers are exceptional; they are warm, helpful and truly interested in each person they transport. Many members of our community use the service frequently, which has allowed the drivers to get to know each person better. The drivers are engaging in conversation and provide an experience that is absolutely positive.

J Ride would never have gotten off the ground without the generous support of Alan Helfman, owner of Helfman Rivers Oaks Chrysler Jeep.

One more thing about J Ride that makes it even more valuable: J Ride is a product of a collaboration between multiple Jewish organizations. While the Evelyn Rubenstein JCC houses and operates J Ride, this is no single organization's “baby.” Instead it's a shared jewel that our community can stand by and be proud of because we all worked together. Jewish Family Service, Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, Goldberg B’nai B’rith Towers and the Evelyn Rubenstein JCC worked for almost two years looking at best practices, meeting with other transportation programs and even traveling to observe the program in action at Detroit's Jewish Family Services. As a result of this diligent work, we have established a successful service that will be serving our community for years to come.

What can you do to help J Ride?

  1. Educate your friends and neighbors about the service.
  2. Share the service with those in your life that may benefit from J Ride.
  3. Make a contribution to the J.

For more information about J Ride, contact Morgan Steinberg at or call 713.595.8170. 

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