Olympic Energy at HGC

Friday, August 12, 2016
Posted by: Tim Erwin

by Tim Erwin, Houston Gymnastics Center Director

The Olympic Games are always an exciting time of year for those of us in the gymnastics business. There is a lot of excitement and you can see it on a regular basis in our kids’ faces this summer as they train in the gym and at camps.

Many of our team members are gathering to watch the Olympics and many more are coming to our program to see what this gymnastics thing is all about. And that's all because of our Olympic Teams. The USA women have now become a super power in gymnastics worldwide. They are so far away from the pack at this point, it’s incredible!  

More girls keep flowing into our gym to experience this incredible sport that builds confidence, strength and self-esteem – no wonder we are the top program in the world at this time!

"I have been competitively training for six years at the J. I loved watching the Olympics because it shows how much you can accomplish if you try hard. I work hard at gymnastics and it also helps me balance the rest of my life," said Sophie Sorkin, 12-year-old Level 7 HGC gymnast. 

On the men’s side we have an incredible USA team, but it’s much more competitive internationally. Of the six teams that qualified for the Olympic Team finals, all had a shot at a medal and three to four could have won the gold.

But there is no denying the Team USA Women are so much stronger than the rest of the world. I think this is, in part, due to the incredible growth in gymnastics, and we see it every day at the J's Gymnastics Program. Try out a class for yourself. Hope see you in the gym soon! 

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