Adult Art Classes Return to the J

Thursday, March 8, 2018
Posted by: Maxine Silberstein

Member Ora FarchySix months ago the painting/drawing and ceramic studios, located in our lower level, were washed away by Hurricane Harvey. Renovations to the studios are underway and expected to be completed by the end of May. However, students will not have to wait for the studios to re-open and can once again enjoy art classes this spring in temporary spaces at the J.

After Harvey, art students lost all of their tools and pieces they were working on before the flood. The ceramic studio lost six potting wheels and two kilns. Maxine Silberstein, program coordinator for adult visual arts, stated, “Having lost the studio due to Harvey, we were not sure when it would be possible to offer another ceramic class.”

Fortunately, staff identified a space that would temporarily meet the classes’ needs, and students are once again able to do what they love best—spend time with their friends while making ceramic pieces. “Our ceramic students are delighted to return for a Hand Building class this winter/spring semester,” Silberstein said.

About the Adult Art Program

Art classes not only stimulate one’s creativity, they are also an excellent opportunity to socialize with like-minded peers. The next session of adult art classes begins in mid-March and includes painting, drawing and ceramic hand-building options.

Ceramic students will focus on hand-building pottery techniques, learning and exploring more advanced methods as well as reviewing and building upon traditional ones.

Painting/drawing instructor Susan Wingfield described her classes as “for students who know little or nothing about drawing or painting or those who want a refresher class.” Participants will try different mediums (oil, acrylic, and watercolor) and learn about each medium, tools and techniques.

About the Instructors

Susan WingfieldNative Houstonian Susan Wingfield primarily paints subjects that are close to home: people, pets, still lifes, landscapes, and anything with color. Her focus is realism with an emphasis in complementary highlights and shadows, obtaining a richness of depth through color.

Wingfield graduated from the University of Houston in 1982 with a BFA and worked in advertising and graphic design. She taught art in the public schools in Houston for 16 years and is now painting and/or teaching adults full time. She believes that anyone can learn to draw and paint as long as you commit to work hard and persevere through the frustrating times. 

Stacey KuropataStacy Kuropata is a ceramic sculptor and potter from Houston. She studied art at the University of Houston where she first discovered her passion for working with clay. Upon graduation in 2012, Kuropata was accepted into the MFA program at Houston Baptist University, where she focused on large scale sculptures and installation pieces. She graduated in 2014 with a master's degree in ceramic sculpture.

After completing graduate school, she began teaching ceramics courses in private studios and Art Appreciation at Lone Star College. She now teaches pottery and sculpture classes for independent studios including her own as well as producing her own work for gallery exhibitions and art markets.

Learn more about our Adult Art program. 


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