Challenge Yourself

Monday, April 16, 2018
Posted by: Caitlin Cecil

Blair in Rowing Machine

Walking into a new gym can be an overwhelming experience: so many machines, big dudes by the dumbbells, and what the heck is that contraption that looks like I could break a limb trying to use?!

At our Fitness Center, we are holding periodic challenges to get our members interested and educated in the different machines and offerings we have, while upping that competitive spirit!

The month of May will lead off with a 500m row challenge on our new skill row machines. The world record for the fastest 500m row is 1 minute and 14 seconds. 

We want to encourage anyone looking for a high intensity challenge to come to the Fitness Center and participate! You can record as many times as you want in the timeline of the challenge for your best time. We will keep a log of the times in the Fitness Center and announce winners at the end of the challenge. Make sure to come give it a shot. 

The trick with the skill row is to use your legs as your power and then finish with a swift arm motion. The rowers measure power as well as speed. 

Here are some other tips from Pop Sugar fitness for the row machine:

  1. Make sure you wear form fitting clothes, otherwise you risk getting fabric caught in it while working out.

  2. Don't set the resistance too high — experienced rowers generally use the rowing machine at 3-5 during their workouts, so setting the machine at 2 or 3 is perfect for a beginner.

  3. Keep your strokes per minute somewhere in the low- to mid-20s as well.

  4. Secure your feet on the pads with the straps tight enough so your feet don't move around as you slide.

Stay tuned to our next update for the challenge details, and happy rowing!

Your Fitness Center Team,

Caitlin, Blair, Robin and Monico