Teens Share J-Serve Experiences

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Posted by: Sarah Foster

J-ServeOn Sunday, April 22 over 325 Jewish teens from across Houston joined together for an afternoon of service. In addition to the service projects, the teens participated in a Holocaust commemoration and heard from keynote speaker, Allen Woods, about how they could make change in our community. The theme for the day was “Never Forget: You are the Force for Change.”

Hear from several of the teens about the experience: 

“My connection to Holocaust Remembrance Day and Holocaust education in general is very important to me being a third generation Holocaust Survivor. My great grandmother Naomi Warren is my hero…we are lucky to be able to honor the memories of those who were killed in the Holocaust by remembering them through our service today.”

~Aerin Kalmans, Steering Committee Member

J-Serve“We are so honored to host our keynote speaker today at J-Serve 2018. Allen Woods is founding partner and creative director of Mortar, a company whose mission is to help entrepreneurs of an underdeveloped and often ignored community flourish…Through education, guidance, and mentorship, Allen Woods and the rest of his team at Mortar challenge traditional entrepreneurship, helping those over-looked and institutionally given less opportunity…Today as we commemorate our service to those who perished in the Holocaust, we will discuss overcoming adversity and how to move towards a brighter future.”

~Abby Navon, Steering Committee Member

“It is important for us to help our world and to do so in honor of these teens, whose lives were cut short and did not have such opportunities. It is up to us to make changes in our world.”

~Aaron Newar, Steering Committee Member

J-Serve“J-Serve Sunday was a unique volunteering opportunity, where we listened to several speakers and participated in crafts helping multiple causes. I also was surprised to learn that Israel is only 70 years old, it’s younger than some of my grandparents.”

~Bria Cumagun, Participant

“J-Serve was incredible on Sunday, it was great to see so many Jewish teens locked into community service and actively enjoying repairing the world.”

~Michael Kaplan, Steering Committee Member


“J-Serve is always a great way to help the community out. I have done J-Serve for a few years now and I always get this feeling of satisfaction knowing that I have helped people out and made a change in my community.”

~Moi Camhi, Participant

“Sunday while simply picking up rocks and later putting them in a rock garden, I realized how just a simple action can make such a difference. Working at Hermann Park taught me how the smallest things can make a huge impact.”

~Simone Newar, Subcommittee Member



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