Memorial Day Murph Challenge and Indoor Circuit

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Posted by: Caitlin Cecil

Monday, May 28
7:00 AM | Murph Challenge at Godwin Park, 5101 Rutherglenn Dr
8:30 AM | Indoor Circuit at the Fitness Center 

Michael MurphyThis Memorial Day our Fitness Center will host an outdoor Murph Challenge and an indoor circuit workout for all who want to participate.

In honor of Memorial Day, athletes across the world complete a “Murph” to honor our service men and women.

The workout itself is designed to honor a specific lieutenant named Lt. Michael P. Murphy. He put himself into the line of fire to save his team and call for back up.

We need more than one day to honor all of those who have fallen or performed amazing acts of courage. Let’s designate this Memorial Day to remember all of their actions with the Murph workout.

The typical Murph consists of:

Murph Details

We are running low on body armor,  so just bring your will to work and we will give you a great workout. The Murph will be held at Godwin Park at 7:00 AM. Following the Murph we will have an indoor circuit at 8:30 AM for anyone who does not want to participate in the full Murph.

Indoor Circuit

We will also have babysitting available, so bring your kiddos! We are looking forward to seeing you for Memorial Day and honoring the brave men and women who fight for us every day.