Amaco Glaze Company Presents Workshop for Ceramic Students

Monday, August 20, 2018
Posted by: Ellen Trachtenberg

Ellen TrachtenbergAugust 15 was a very special day for the ceramics program at the J and our devoted students. It wasn’t enough that we have been welcomed back into a beautiful new studio and have been so well treated by the staff at the J.

Through the auspices of the Ceramic Store (which has been so generous to us since Harvey), we were treated to a glaze workshop sponsored by Amaco Glaze Company. Not only did the president of the company travel to Houston himself, he also brought one of his top educators to demonstrate, explain, and answer questions. 

For those of us who are not as glaze savvy as we could be, it was exciting and informative, if not a little overwhelming. (I always ask my friend and fellow student, Fran Epstein, what I should do. I hope she was paying attention yesterday.)

It was a rare opportunity to learn from the best and to have the interaction with them. They brought a huge supply of glazes and highlighted the newest ones in their collection. We were able to glaze our own pieces under their supervision. AND they were so generous in leaving us all the glazes that they brought. 

Having been given this special opportunity to learn about glazes has encouraged us to be open to new ideas and to strive for excellence in our work. It was a truly special event that was appreciated by everyone. Thanks to Maxine, Morgan and Stacy for making this workshop available to us. 

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