J Member Shares the Adventure of Painting

Sunday, June 16, 2019
Posted by: Hazel Heddings, Studio Painting Student

Hazel HeddingsWhen I was younger I enjoyed drawing horses and tried out watercolors and colored pencils at one point, but never really had the time to take classes and develop my skills. I’ve always enjoyed looking at art work and photographs of plants and animals and dreamed of creating beautiful images myself. Last fall I started in the Studio Painting class with Susan Wingfield as the teacher.

Susan taught me and the other new student at the time how to mix colors and create lights and darks. After the preliminary practice sessions, we started painting with acrylic paints on our canvases. I started by painting a bromeliad plant from a photo I had saved years ago. I think I surprised myself and the class by how it turned out! I have continued to paint flowers and landscapes, and even did a portrait of myself from my younger days. 

In the class we have the option to try other media, like oils and and gouache. I did one painting in water-soluble oils and loved how the colors turned out. The only drawback to oils is that they take a long time to dry compared to acrylics. 

Hazel HeddingsMost of the people in my class have been painting much longer and have developed their own skills and techniques. It is fun to see what they create and share the adventure of painting with them. I seem to have some talent for painting, but anyone can develop skills with practice, I think. 

I would encourage anyone who has always dreamed of painting and creating a vision of something to consider a class. It helps to have some basic drawing skills, but that also can be developed. There are many options to explore, and I am enjoying the journey!

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