Fencing Comes to the J

Thursday, January 30, 2020
Posted by: Lee Hutchens, Sports & Recreation Director

Young Girl FencingFencing is one of the oldest sports, dating back to the very first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. Its popularity in the U.S. is increasing, becoming the new "It" sport for kids.

And while it may look easy, fencing is not only a great workout, it builds your mental muscles as well. 

Why Try Fencing?

  • First, it’s really fun. We’ve all dreamed about playing with swords, about being knights or pirates or Jedi. Fencing gives us a chance to explore swordplay while being safe.

  • Second, it’s very safe. One study found that among Olympic events, fencing was safer than nearly all sports, including seemingly-safe activities like swimming, badminton and table tennis.

  • Third, fencing is a sport that requires tactical thinking more than brute strength or speed, which means it’s great for kids who are clever and enjoy puzzles, who may not think of themselves as athletic.

Houston Sword Sports is Bringing Fencing to the J!

We are so excited to partner with Houston Sword Sports this spring to introduce our members to this exciting sport. Starting February 18, we are offering classes for kids ages 6-12, teens and adults on Tuesday evenings.

Hayley Gillen, an experienced fencer, coach and referee, will be leading the classes at the J.

“I’m excited about coaching at the J because I want to expose kids to our unique sport,” said Coach Hayley. Fencing “not only builds athletes, but also brings them into a community that supports their goals. Athletes aren’t born, but they can be taught. As long as you have the willingness to learn, you will not be at a disadvantage.”

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