Gymnastics for Early Childhood

Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Posted by: Tim Erwin

Gymnastics is a great activity for early childhood because it builds the mind, body and awareness all while having fun. The skills developed through gymnastics are incredible and aid in the development of:

  • Strength, Balance and Coordination
  • Social and Emotional Skills, Building Self-Esteem
  • Focus, Following Directions, and Organization of Thoughts
  • Sharing and Taking Turns

As children learn new gymnastics skills, they are developing cognitive thought as well. Figuring out how the body reacts to different obstacle challenges; including walking on balance beams, rolling over mats and bars, and bouncing on the trampoline stimulates brain function...what a fun way to learn! For more details on classes and registration, click here.

Sound Basics and Development

In our preschool gymnastics classes at the J, we work on developing the early gymnastics and motor skills that will set our little gymnasts up for success once they get into school-age recreational or even development team classes. Our preschool classes are co-ed and work through activities on all gymnastics events, including floor, bars, parallel bars, rings, balance beam, vault, and trampoline. We break skills down to the basics, then put all the pieces together, helping our Mighty Munchkins establish self-confidence in their abilities.

Health and Safety

We have worked diligently on our Health & Safety Guidelines at Houston Gymnastics Center. Each time your child comes to the gym you can be sure that it has been cleaned before they start to play. All members and staff must participate in a daily health survey in order to gain entrance to the facility. In addition, mats and all touch surfaces are thoroughly cleaned multiple times a day, and hand sanitizing stations are placed throughout the facility. 

Interested in classes? Click here for more info!

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