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What to Expect at your First Group Exercise Class

Thursday, April 25, 2019
Posted by: By Caitlin Cecil, Health & Fitness Coordinator

Prime Time FitnessOne of the best things about fitness classes is that you have an entire room of people in the same boat as you. It could be your first class ever, or the third this week, all of you are in it together.

When someone asks me where to begin when joining a gym, I always recommend checking out the class schedule. From dance, to cycle, there is something fun to do, the instructors know what they are talking about, and all eyes are not on you.

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#BIGIDEA Comes to Houston

Friday, April 19, 2019
Posted by: Anna Shabtay, Director of Children and Camping

Bringing Israeli Tech and Innovation to Campers at the Evelyn Rubenstein JCC 

MusicWe are excited to bring this amazing program from across the globe to Houston this summer. In #BIGIDEA camps, creative and curious campers can choose from 10 different workshops including gaming, graphic design, coding, robotics, electronic DJ-ing, mobile app development, music video production and more. Campers are encouraged to explore, learn, engage and achieve in the spirit of Israel's high-tech industry. 

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Love and Matzah

Sunday, April 14, 2019
Posted by: Rabbi Samantha Safran, Director, Bobbi & Vic Samuels Center for Jewish Living and Learning

Love and MatzahHosting guests in our homes can often feel like an overwhelming task. We need to devise a menu, shop for ingredients, cook a meal, and clean up. On the holiday of Passover, hosting can be even more daunting because there is the added element of planning and leading a Seder. And yet, opening our homes is one of the most significant and impactful ways to observe Passover. 

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Look Good for Summer All Year Long

Friday, April 12, 2019
Posted by: Robin Fortenberry, Director of Fitness Services, ACE CPT

Bathroom ScaleAs we approach what is often referred to as "swimsuit season," a desire to look our best becomes a priority. This desire can motivate us to try weight loss options that we wouldn't normally consider or that may prove to be a risk on our health. Safe and healthy weight loss requires patience and self control along with some basic guidelines.

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