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An Update from the J

Tuesday, April 21, 2020
Posted by: Joel Dinkin, CEO

I hope that this message finds you safe and well. Although none of us really know when the J will reopen, I do want to share with you that our staff and committees are conducting extensive research and partnering with many national and local entities to learn about ways that we will need to modify our operations to provide you with an environment that will ensure everyone's safety and well being. 

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A Live Evening of Laughter with YidLife Crisis

Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Posted by: Rabbi Samantha Safran, Director, Bobbi & Vic Samuels Center for Jewish Living and Learning

YidLife Crisis: HomeshullngA Jewish couple is shipwrecked on a desert island, stranded for years. Using materials from around the island, they build a house, a store, and a synagogue. Eventually, they've made a whole neighborhood.

One day, they are rescued by a passing ship. The sailors help them collect their few possessions and get ready to leave the island forever. Just before they depart, one of the sailors notices a second synagogue and asks, “Hey! Why’d you build two synagogues?”

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