Monday, November 6

7:30 PM | Take Your Pick: Reading as a Community with Julia Dahl & Brian Platzer

Join the community by reading one or both of these books before the Festival or make it your book club’s choice this fall! Purchase the book at the J to receive FREE entry to the Take Your Pick Program.

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Julia Dahl | Conviction: A Novel

Julia DahlAuthor's Website 

Julia Dahl’s Conviction is “a murder mystery for our tumultuous times.” [New York Magazine]. Journalist Rebekah Roberts receives a letter from a self-proclaimed innocent convict who was arrested 22 years prior for the brutal murder of a black family in Crown Heights, Brooklyn – a neighborhood infamous for violent riots between blacks and Jews in the early ‘90s.

As Rebekah investigates the forgotten case, she comes across the path of a killer with secrets spanning two decades. Dahl currently writes about crime and criminal justice for 

Jewish Book Council


Brian Platzer | Bed-Stuy Is Burning: A Novel

Brian PlatzerMarilyn Hassid Emerging Author

Author's Website 

Bedford-Stuyvesant, a notoriously volatile and rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood, is the setting for Bed-Stuy Is Burning, and where author Brian Platzer and his family currently reside.

The middle school English teacher’s poignant debut novel centers on one catastrophic day, when riots ignite after a cop shoots a boy in a nearby park. Platzer offers us a window into how the riots affect the lives of one family: Aaron, a former rabbi turned Wall Street banker, his journalist girlfriend, Amelia, and their newborn baby. 

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