Monday, October 30

6:30 PM Art Opening 
7:30 PM Stacy Middleman 

6:30 PM | Art Opening

Book Festival Cover ArtworkJennifer Pittsford Art: Works of Collage

Artist's Website 

Join us in the Deutser Art Gallery for an Art Opening and meet the artist reception.

Jennifer Pittsford is a visual artist specializing in collage, using torn and cut magazines to create an image. As a high school senior, she was accepted into the Art Satellite Program where she took an advanced course at The Milwaukee Art Museum and was introduced to collage as a fine art medium.



7:30 PM | Stacy Middleman

Stacy MiddlemanDear Cancer, Love Stacy 

Author's Website 

When Stacy Middleman was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35, and re-diagnosed eight years later, she found a therapeutic outlet by writing letters in real time on Facebook expressing her rage and raw emotions.

Dear Cancer, Love Stacy is a compilation of those posts which reveal Stacy’s resilience and profound love for her family and her life. Middleman shares her message of prevention and understanding of the BRCA gene.

Stacey Summers' 16-minute documentary  about this former Houstonian's journey will also be presented. 

$12 Member | $18 Public 

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