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Help your young performer get their start in the magical world of theatre! 

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Voice Lessons

We offer private and semi-private singing lessons for students six years and up. Whether you’re just starting out or already have some experience under your belt, developing proper singing technique is paramount to lifelong vocal health.

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Jewish Community Center Stage Performing Arts (JCCS)

Our flagship performing program, JCCS offers students in 3-6 grades the opportunity to be a part of a large-scale musical production each fall and spring.

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Teen Theatre Program

Our Teen Theatre program is a more advanced training ground for 7-9 grade students. Teens can perform in full-length productions or take part in skills-based acting classes.

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Act Out! Presents…

Perfect for students in grades 2-5 who aren't into singing and dancing, this course offers them an opportunity to rehearse and perform a non-musical play. Students will work on their core acting skills, and also spend time playing fun theatre and improv games with their peers.

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Meet the Children's Theatre team.

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For more information on Children's Theatre, please contact Eva De La Cruz at or 832.408.3524.