Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program

CIT with CampersOur Counselors-in-Training (CITs) are unique cohort; no longer campers, but not yet staff. Think of the CIT program as a certificate course and volunteer internship that will provide 9th and 10th graders with valuable skills and experience and enhance future job prospects.

Walk away from the program with a letter for 80 volunteer hours and skills essential to being successful as a future camp counselor. As an added benefit, all those who successfully complete this CIT program AND go on to be hired by J Camps in a future summer will receive a salary incentive during their first year as an employee of J Camps.

The program itself is structured as a one week Counselor Training Intensive (CTI) followed by a two-week Mentored Field Experience (MFE). During the CTI component, participants will develop valuable leadership skills (such as teamwork, communication and problem solving), learn how to be effective role models, gain insight into youth and adolescent development and build a repertoire of games, activities, language and techniques that will enhance their ability to create a safe, positive and fun environment for themselves and others.

The MFE weeks are when the CITs will receive hands-on learning experiences. Each CIT will be assigned to a J Camps group for the duration of the two-week session during which they will assist the existing staff in supervising campers, supporting group activities and enriching the social and educational experience of each of their campers.

While completely enmeshed in daily routine of their group, each CIT will meet with the J Camps Teen Professional to debrief, brainstorm and receive feedback on their performance throughout the week. This relationship isn't limited to supervision, but is rather a proactive mentorship, with the CIT being provided ongoing feedback, encouragement and suggestions for continued growth by their mentor. At the end of the two weeks, each CIT will formally meet with the J Camps Director and Teen professional for reflection and cooperative evaluation whose focus is on the development of the CIT as a current and future leader.

Date Options

Session 1
Counselor Training Intensive: TBD
Mentored Field Experience: TBD

Session 2
Counselor Training Intensive: TBD
Mentored Field Experience: TBD

$180 per session

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For more information, please contact the Camp Office at 713.595.8166.