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Parents - Welcome to J Camps!  Here you will find lots of important information: 

2022 Parent Information Series

  1. Health & Safety
  2. Communication
  3. Food at Camp
  4. Aquatics & Swimming
  5. Judaic Themes
  6. Transportation
  7. COVID Protocols

General Registration Questions

Do I need to be a JCC member to enroll in camp?

A membership is required to enroll in camp.  We have a few different options based on your family’s needs. Please contact Member Services for additional information regarding membership options or 713.729.3200. 

  • Annual Program Membership – Access to enroll in classes and programs, including J Camps, for an entire year 
    • Must be purchased by day of registration and/or must be valid through camp if they already have a membership 
    • Program memberships have the following options (valid for one year, no monthly payment options)  
      • $228/year for an Individual 
      • $588/year for a Family
  • Summer 2022 Health, Sports, Fitness Membership- provides you with all of the benefits of a Program Membership, including J Camp access, plus access to our fitness center, group exercise, personal training and more.  Summer memberships begin Monday, May 30 and expire Monday, September 5 
    •  Family $495/ Summer 





AM/PM Care 

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AM Care | Every week including Pre-camp | $50 per week
Drop off your camper at the J as early as 7:30AM, and your camper will enjoy quiet activities such as coloring and board games until the camp day begins.  This summer AM care will be held in the Weingarten building for all campers who are kindergarten age and older.  Camp Bami campers will need to go to the Bertha Alyce Center for AM care drop off.  The J will provide transportation from the Weingarten building to the Merfish Center.

PM Care | Every week including pre-camp | $75 per week
The camp day does not need to end at 3:30!  Campers can continue to enjoy the excitement of camp until 5:30PM with sports, arts & crafts, games, and other fun activities throughout the afternoon.  An afternoon snack will be served.  The J will provide transportation from the Merfish Center to the Weingarten building for any camper signed up for PM care.  Kindergarten and older campers will be picked up at the Weingarten Building.  Camp Bami campers will be pick up at the Berth Alyce Center.

Teen PM Hang Out 
This summer the J is offering teens a place to hang out after the camp day is done.  Teens can hang out in any of the J common areas – lobbies, café, and hallway lounge spaces where they can be with their friends and relax. This option is for teens entering 6th- 9th grade.  Teens must check in every day by 4:00PM and check-out by 5:30PM in room 105.  There is no charge but registration is required. 


What if someone has a balance greater than $100 on their account?

Members with a balance of $100 on their account will not be able to register until the balance has been paid. 


What are the payment options?

When you register for camp, payment options include:

  • Payment can be made in full -OR- in four auto-debited monthly installments via ACH (bank account) or credit card.
  • Deposits are required regardless of the form of payment, at time of registration.
  • If you choose to pay in monthly installments via ACH or credit card, the deposit is due immediately upon registration, after which four equal payments will be auto-debited on the following dates: Thursday, March 17; Tuesday, April 19; Tuesday, May 17 and Friday, June 17.
  • Registrations made on or after March 17 will pay the deposit and a prorated portion of the total balance after each installment date passes.
  • All credit card transactions for J Camps will include a 3% credit card transaction fee. 


Is my deposit applied to my total camp fees due?




How do I know if my child's camp registration is confirmed?

Registration will be confirmed with an e-mail once the process is complete.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, please call us so we can check your registration status.


How does the waitlist work?

If a camp is full, you will be placed on a waitlist in the order that you register.  You will not be charged at that time. The Camp office will notify you if a space becomes available. 

Waitlist will open up on Monday, February 7 at 10:00 AM.  You will not be able to get on a camp waitlist on registration day (February 6).  


Can I change my camp enrollments after I've registered my child?

Yes. Any changes in enrollment need to be done with Jasmine Mueller in the camp office (713.595.8166).  Please note that some camps sell out quickly, and changing them at a later date may not be possible.  Changes made after May 1st will incur a $10 change fee.


When do I request that my child be placed into a group with his/her friends?

Friend requests are part of the Camper Forms.

Camp provides a wonderful opportunity to meet NEW friends, however we understand the importance of friends at this time and will do our best to honor up to 2 friends requests with priority for mutual requests.  Friend requests are only for Camp BAMI, Kinder Camp and Camp Kaleidoscope.


Does J Camps pro-rate 4-week camp sessions if my child cannot attend all 4 weeks?

If your child attends a Jewish sleep-away camp and the dates conflict with J Camps, we will prorate the camp accordingly.  Otherwise, we do not prorate.


My child is not Jewish - will they feel uncomfortable with the Jewish programs that take place?

We strive to make everyone feel welcome, regardless of their cultural or religious background.  We are a Jewish Day Camp that offers a Jewish component to each Day Camp.  The Jewish programs are integrated in such a way so that no one is left feeling uncomfortable.


Will the J provide transportation this summer?

  • The J will provide transportation from the West Houston Building to the Weingarten and Merfish facilities.
  • The J will have transportation for any camps that are off campus.


Health & Safety

What can I expect in the way of health & safety?

 The J has been successful at implementing a comprehensive health and safety plan. Our health and safety protocols were created by and are evaluated on an ongoing basis by our Medical Advisory Board and the J leadership team.

All camp rooms will be outfitted with portable HEPA filters and will be disinfected/cleaned regularly.


What are the mask policies?

As of March 23, 2022 wearing masks is optional. The current health and safety guidelines for the J can be reviewed at

The current J policy as of 1/1/22 is that every person ages 3 and older are required to wear masks indoors. The J leadership team and Medical Advisory Board will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and any changes to our policy will be communicated to parents before the first week of camp.   Exceptions to mask-wearing include:

  • Gymnastics campers will remove masks on specific equipment.
  • Other sports/dance camps will allow children to remove masks when they are physically exerting themselves.
  • Campers will remove masks for snack and lunch, but be socially distanced.
  • Campers will not wear masks while in the pool.


Will staff and children be required to be vaccinated in order to be at camp this summer?

 Children are not required to be vaccinated.  The J is asking parents to share if their child(ren) are vaccinated on the camper health form. 

ALL J staff is required to be vaccinated including camp counselors and any outside vendor that the J brings on to campus for programming.



Is the J offering Pre-Camps?

There are limited pre-camp options.

  • June 7-10 – select Pre-camp options will be available from 9am-3:30pm
  • Tennis (grades 1-9)
  • Gymnastics (grades 1-9)
  • We WILL offer AM/PM care this week.


Will the J provide transportation this summer?

  • The J will provide transportation from the West Houston Building to the Weingarten and Merfish facilities.
  • The J will have transportation for any camps that are off campus.


When do I get to meet the camp staff?

 There will be a “Meet the Counselors” day prior to the first day of camp for traditional day camps (BAMI, Kinder, and Kaleidoscope).  More information on this day will be sent in the months ahead.