J Camps Parent Information

Parents - Welcome to J Camps!  Here you will find lots of important information: 


Q:  Is membership required to enroll in camp? Can I be a summer member and enroll in camp? 

A:  A membership is required to enroll in camp.  We have a few different options based on your family’s needs. 
Please contact Member Services for additional information regarding membership options or 713.729.3200.

  • Annual Program Membership – $228 (valid for one year, no monthly payment options)
    • Must be purchased by day of registration and/or must be valid through camp if they already have a membership
  • Monthly Family Program Membership – recommended for families with more than 2 children (doesn’t have an end date; must call to cancel)
    • $49 per month
    • $588 per year
  • Monthly Facility Membership – Health, Sports, Fitness or Tennis
    • Many options are available here, depending on which facilities are included, age of members, etc. Call Member Services for more information.
  • Summer Family Membership - $495 (5/31 – 9/6)
    • Access to camp registration, Fitness Center, and pool
    • Can’t use the facility before Memorial Day or after Labor Day

Q:  What if someone has a balance of greater than $100 on their account?

A:  Members with a balance of $100 on their account will not be able to register until the balance has been paid. 

Q:  What are the payment options?

A:  When you register for camp you will be asked to make payment arrangements. 

  • Deposits are required regardless of the form of payment.
  • Payment can be made in full via check, cash, or credit card.
  • You can also split up the payment through EFT drafts. Monthly drafts begin as early as March 16th and must end by July 16th.
  • You may also post-date a credit card payment for April 21 to cover the remaining camp balance after deposits.

Q:  Is my deposit applied to my total camp fees due?    

A:  Yes

Q:  How do I know if my child’s camp registration is confirmed?

A:  Registration will be confirmed with an e-mail once the process is complete.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, please call us so we can check your registration status.

Q:  How does the waitlist work?

A:  If a camp is full, you will be placed on a waitlist in the order that you register.  You will not be charged at that time. The Camp office will notify you if a space becomes available.

Q:  Can I change my camp enrollments after I’ve registered my child? 

A:  Yes. Any changes in enrollment need to be done with Jasmine Mueller in the camp office (713.595.8166).  Please note that some camps sell out quickly, and changing into them at a later date may not be possible.  Changes made after May 1st will incur a $10 change fee.

Q:  Do I need to fill out any forms for my camper?

A:  In April, the J Camps office will send out the forms that need to completed.  Campers will not be able to participate in camp if these forms are not complete.  Deadline to turn in forms is June 1, 2021.

Q:  When do I request that my child be placed into a group of his/her friends?

A:  Friend requests are part of the Camper Forms that will go out in April.

Q:  Does J Camps pro-rate four-week camp sessions if my child cannot attend all 4 weeks? 

A:  If your child attends a Jewish sleep-away camp and the dates conflict with J Camps, we will prorate the camp accordingly.  Otherwise, we do not prorate.

Q:  Does J Camps take children with special needs? 

A:  Yes.  Every child’s individual needs are reviewed annually to provide a successful match between camper and program.  Please speak with our Director of Children and Camping, Julie Levine, regarding this assessment.

Q:  My child is not Jewish - will they feel uncomfortable with the Jewish programs that take place? 

A:  We strive to make everyone feel welcome, regardless of their cultural or religious background.  We are a Jewish Day Camp that offers a Jewish component to each Day Camp.  The Jewish programs are integrated in such a way so that no one is left feeling uncomfortable.



Q:  Is the J offering Pre- and Post- Camps?

A:  At this time, we are offering pre camp.  We will make a decision on post camp when school calendars are available.

  • June 7-11 – select Pre-camp options will be available from 9am-3:30pm
  • Kinder Camp
  • Tennis (grades 1-9)
  • Gymnastics (grades 1-9)
  • We WILL offer AM/PM care this week.  

Q:  Will the J provide transportation this summer?

  • The J will provide transportation from the West Houston Building to the Weingarten and Merfish facilities.
  • The J will have transportation for any camps that are off campus.
  • The J will not provide transportation from the Weingarten building to the Merfish facility. Families who have campers at the main building and Merfish Facility will need to drop off and pick up separately at each location.

Q:  Which camps are off campus?  Where are they?

  • Culinary Creations/Teen Culinary Creations- Well Done Cooking
  • Baseball Camp- Stix
  • Golf- Clear Creek Country Club
  • Girl Power Sports- Beren Academy
  • Swish- Beren Academy
  • Sports of Sorts- Beren Academy
  • Just Kicks- Beren Academy

Q:  When do I get to meet the camp staff?

A:  There will be a “Meet the Counselors” day prior to the first day of camp for traditional day camps (BAMI, Kinder, and Kaleidoscope).  More information on this day will be sent in the months ahead.



Q:  The J is undergoing renovations, how will that impact camp this summer?

A:  We are very excited about our renovation progress, and will be sure to update members throughout the summer about any impacts that affect camp. The primary impacts will affect the basketball courts, carpool, and the pool.  

  • The basketball courts will not be available for camp use this summer. Many of our sports camps will go off-site so that we can have proper facilities.  Camp has several designated large rooms for our campers to play sports and games throughout the day.
  • Carpool will be modified given the new traffic patterns in our parking lot.
  • Please see notes below about the pool.

Q:  Will there still be swim lessons and free swim? Which pools will be open?

A:  Because of construction, we will modify some of our recreational swim plans. 

  • The J will offer instructional swim for campers age 3 through Grade 2 (except 1st and 2nd grade camps offered at the Main J). Those campers will swim every day at camp (weather permitting). Monday-Thursdays will be instructional swim and Friday is free swim. The first week of camp, campers will be swim tested and then placed into appropriate groups. Every Friday parents will receive a swim progress report.
  • Third graders enrolled in Camp Kaleidoscope at the Merfish will have instructional swim 3 days a week and recreational swim 2 days per week.
  • Campers in grades 3-5 (AND Jr Camps housed at the Weingarten building) will have recreational swim only. They will have access to the BAS pool.
  • Campers in Grades 6 and up will not be swimming this summer. Most teen campers will be thrilled to hear this!

Q:  Will swim instructors wear masks or face shields?

A:  Swim instructors will wear plastic face shields during lessons.

Q:  My child does not know how to swim - do they have to swim at camp?

A:  We encourage each camper to swim and offer instructional swim through 2nd grade, but if this is a problem, please contact Julie Levine at 713-595-8171.

Q:  Will there be construction workers around the building during camp?

A:  Yes, workers will be present, but will not be in areas where the children are.  The construction areas will be closed off to camp staff and campers.



Q:  What can I expect in the way of health & safety?

A:  The J has been successful at implementing a comprehensive health and safety plan since re-opening last summer. Our plan includes: mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing, and daily health screens.  All camp rooms will be outfitted with portable HEPA filters and will be disinfected/cleaned regularly.

  • Our health and safety protocols were created by and are evaluated on an ongoing basis by our Medical Advisory Board and the J leadership team.

Q:  What are the mask policies?

A:  All campers ages 3 and older are required to wear masks indoors.  Staff will remind campers throughout the day to wear masks properly.  Exceptions to mask-wearing include:

  • Gymnastics campers will remove masks on specific equipment.
  • Other sports/dance camps will allow children to remove masks when they are physically exerting themselves.
  • Campers will remove masks for snack and lunch, but be socially distanced.
  • Campers will not wear masks while in the pool.

Q:  Will staff and children be required to be vaccinated in order to be at camp this summer?

A:  Based on the current supply of vaccinations, we are not able to mandate vaccinations at camp for staff or campers.

Q:  What should I do if my child gets sick?

A:  Please refer to our health clearance template for instructions.