Free Trial Teen/Adult Dance Classes

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Take a Free Trial Class and Find the Perfect Class for You!

Trial Classes Offered Sept 3-9

We offer new students the opportunity to take a risk-free trial teen/adult dance class in any style or level of class we offer. Visit our online directory for a complete schedule of our dance classes. You must register for your trial class in advance

Keep your passion for dance flourishing! Our classes build confidence, self-esteem, respect, endurance, reduce stress and help you achieve your goals.

Our tap classes welcome dancers of all levels! Students will work on rhythms, steps and combinations that are suited for any teen or adult that wants to try tap for the first time or one who grew up dancing and wants to get back into the studio again. This fun, fast-paced class is great exercise with great music and will have you shuffle ball changing through the grocery store in no time!

Contemporary-dancers will explore a dynamic range of movement qualities, varying rhythm and timing while making artistic choices in the development of dance skills.

Ballet teaches specific terminology, technique, and choreography. Class begins by warming up at the barré and then continues to center floor, followed by linking together combinations across the floor.

Don’t forget to try our NEW Stretch for Flexibility class. Stretching your muscles and joints leads to greater range of motion, improved balance and increased flexibility. Improved flexibility produces a wide range of physical benefits and can have a positive effect on your overall well being.  

Register for Your Free Trial Class

  • First, search our online directory for a dance class that you’d like to try.
  • Next, complete this form to register for your free trial class.
  • You must register before arriving for class.

For more information, please contact Maxine Silberstein at or call 713.551.7217.