Film: My Name is Sara
Date: April 4, 2021

Contact: Amy Rahmani
Phone: 713.595.8197
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Film Available: Sunday, April 4 | 6:00 PM through Tuesday, April 6 | 6:00 PM   
Directed by Steven Oritt 
USA, 2019, 111 minutes 

Based upon the wartime experiences of the producer’s mother, My Name is Sara is an extraordinary story of survival. Fleeing the Nazis, she takes the name of a Christian classmate and finds work on a farm with a family who has secrets of its own. On more than one occasion, she is close to being revealed as an imposter, but her mental fortitude, grit, wit and determination save her. Beautifully acted by newcomer Zuzanna Surowy, her character says little; her face says it all. 

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