Thursday, March 16

5:00 PM | Harmonia  
7:30 PM | The Settlers 


5:00 PM | Harmonia

Evelyn Rubenstein JCC
Directed by Ori Sivan
Israel, 2016, 98 min
Hebrew/Arabic with English subtitles
Houston Premiere

A contemporary adaptation of the biblical tale of Abraham (Alon Aboutboul), Sarah, and Hagar, set in the world of the Jerusalem Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor Abraham and his wife Sarah, the orchestra's harpist, cannot have children. Hagar, a beautiful, young horn player from East Jerusalem, offers to have a baby with Abraham for the couple.

But the child grows estranged from Sarah. Through this ancient story, Harmonia presents a poignant metaphor to the struggle between the rival sibling religions that inhabit Jerusalem.

$6 Per Person 

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The Settlers7:30 PM | The Settlers

Director Shimon Dotan in Attendance

Evelyn Rubenstein JCC
Directed by Shimon Dotan
France/Canada/Israel, 2016, 106 min
English, Hebrew, Arabic with English subtitles

This is a comprehensive view of the Jewish settlers in the West Bank. The Settlers provides a historical overview, a geopolitical study and an intimate look at those people at the core of the most daunting challenges facing Israel and the international community today.

Settlers cannot be divided into categories. Some are living in the West Bank because the real estate prices are cheap, some for religious reasons, and some for no particular religious or ideological purpose.

And so the question remains: What is a settler?

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$9 Member | $14 Public 

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