Melton Tuition Refund Policy

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The Houston Melton program budgets for a full fiscal year, which entails faculty and administrative commitments based on the number of registered students. Those commitments remain even if some students drop out. In consequence, the following tuition refund policy applies to all students registered in the Melton program:

If circumstances necessitate withdrawal after September 1 and through the first class meeting, refunds will be issued less a service fee of $50 per course. Up until the third class, one-half of tuition is refundable. No refund will be issued after completion of the third class.

 I have read the Tuition Refund Policy above and agree to pay the Houston Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning the full amount of my yearly tuition due, regardless of whether I do or do not remain a Melton student for the entire year.
 I have had the opportunity to discuss the policy with the Melton staff and fully understand the refund policy of the program.