About Us

When you step into the Evelyn Rubenstein JCC, you'll find a center filled with remarkable people, dedicated volunteers and a wide-array of year-round programs, activities and special events. At the J, we're committed to enriching the lives of our members and the community. 

Since 1936 the J has been a place where families and individuals come together for friendship, affiliation and socialization in a safe and welcoming environment. Throughout our buildings, you'll find a committed staff working together to provide our members and guests with quality experiences, excellent service and a sense of belonging.

What it Means to be a Member


The mission of the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston is to develop and strengthen Jewish identity, foster Jewish values and enrich the Jewish community and the greater community.

2018-2019 Board of Trustees 

President Honorary President  

Lauren Kaufman Blachman

Debbie Kaplan

Vice Presidents    
Elizabeth Cohen

Kenneth Katz

Ron Oppenheimer


Jeremy Samuels

Secretary Asst. Secretary  Treasurer
Diane Lee Kraitman

Eric Cohen 

Gregg Sheena

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Committee Appointment

Joel Dinkin

Michelle Fingeret

Directors (*Past Presidents)  

Maida Asofsky
Daniel Barvin
Wendy Bernstein
Rebecca Block
Donald Brodsky*
Daniel Coleman
Ben Cowan
Debbie Diamond
John Dreyfus
Eric Efron
Joe Epstein
Theba Feldman*
Michelle Fingeret
Jeryl Golub
Stefani S. Golub
Steven Goodman
Leah Gross
Roslyn Haikin*
Cynthia Block Helstein

Albert Hiller*
Lonny Hoffman
Cantor Francyne Davis Jacobs
Erin Johnson
Dr. Arnold Kagan
Barbara Kalmans
Ann Kaufman*
Stephen Kaufman*
Noah Kruger
Mardi Kunik
Bobby Lapin*
Jack Lapin*
Marcy Laviage
Nancy Lerner*
Benjy Levit
Ben Lipson
Gerald Merfish*
Karol Musher*

Joe Pryzant
Dr. Stacey Rose
Michael Rubenstein
Bobbi Samuels*
Vic Samuels*
Ed Schreiber*
Anat Shaw
Barbara Shephard
Bubba Silberstein*
Amira Staller
Dan C. Steiner*
Sam Stolbun*
Yael Trusch
Carly Walker
Linda Walter*
Melissa Wolfson
Jennifer Haikin Zach


Debra Dluhy

Eve Lapin

Executive Staff    
Anita Bormaster
Jason Dobrolecki
Tim Erwin
Teri Greenblatt
Rabbi Jill Levy
Alan Lipman
Anna Shabtay
Alison Sullivan


Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston
5601 S. Braeswood • Houston, TX 77096-3907 MAP 
713.729.3200 • FAX: 713.551.7223  

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