Gymnastics Opening Guidelines

Health and Safety

  • All gymnasts must complete an online health screening survey, which includes a temperature check, prior to each visit to the gymnastics facility. Please complete the health survey and temperature check each day at:
  • The gymnasts must show the completion of the health survey each day to a staff person as they enter through the main entrance of JCC, as a requirement to enter the gymnastics facility.  Anyone with a measured temperature of 100.4 or above must remain home.
  • All participants and parents are required to wear a mask upon entering and exiting the facility.
  • All Athletes must wear face mask at all times, except while doing skills on apparatus at stations. This includes wearing mask during warm ups for equipment use.
  • Parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up participants at entrance. One parent (no siblings) can enter the facility only if child needs help with health screen survey completion.
  • Reminder, all athletes will enter through main entrance of JCC and exit through the front entrance of gymnastics facility to eliminate cross trafficking and simplifying health survey check in.
  • If you are feeling sick, DO NOT come to practice! Notify your parents or coach.  If you start to feel sick during practice, notify your coach immediately, call and go home. (See J guidelines in providing a safe and healthy environment).
  • All staff will enter through main building entrance and be screened daily with health survey and temperature check.
  • Coaches will follow guidelines set by Medical Advisory Committee of J for face mask practices and will wear face masks in public areas (including gymnastics facility) of the J, but not mandatory in private office space.
  • The foam pit will only be use with mats covering the foam for landings. We will not perform anything into the loose pit. 


    Please Bring the Following to Practice:

    • Bring your own water bottle. May refill at water stations with no touch.
    • No food or snacks – at least while shorter workouts (≤ 4 hours).
    • Bring your grip bag with you to and from practice. Place in cubby or assigned area observing social distancing rules.  Bring separate bag for mask storage when not in use while training on equipment.
    • All team members will be responsible for their own grip bags. Since there will be no usage of lockers, all grips, tape, pre-wrap, supports, and braces need to be out of the locker and in your gym bag.  Please do not share any equipment with your teammates.
    • All team members will need to bring a container to hold chalk for their individual use. We will provide you with a ration of chalk per week.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Facility will be mist sprayed down with disinfectant (supplied by Facilities Management) after each day’s training session.
  • The cleaning crew will clean and disinfect the bathrooms several times per day and cleaning crew member will be assigned to gymnastics center from 1-7 p.m. M-F and on Sundays.
  • The cleaner(s) will wipe down the mats and equipment with disinfectant after each rotation and in between training sessions. The coaches and cleaning crew will clean / disinfect mats and equipment and high traffic areas in between camp and team practices during J camp sessions. 
  • Hand washing/disinfecting will be required upon entry of gymnastics facility, after each rotation and before they leave to encourage proper hygiene. See below for additional guidelines.  

Social Distancing

  • Cubbies: Cubbies will be taped off to create space in between personal belongings and have only limited use.  Cubbies will be disinfected after each use for the day or block schedule period.  There will be no locker usage in girl’s bathroom during social distancing rules. See additional guidelines below.
  • Coaches have staggered practices to promote social distancing rules and limit the number of students in the gym or area at one time.

Additional or Updated Guidelines as of July 26

  • Approximately 15 athletes per gym, plus 5 coaches – This includes the Red, Blue and PS/Tramp gyms
  • Hand hygiene: must disinfect hands after rotation per equipment area
  • Bathroom use limited to 1-2 people at a time. Hand sanitization can consist of hand sanitizer unit use or washing hands in bathroom. More hand sanitizers have been added to gym for easy access.
  • All athletes must stand on marked social distanced areas when waiting turns on apparatus or FX/Vault areas.
  • Work to find a face mask that fits tightly and is comfortable for you to use as much as possible, even while performing basic warm up skills.
  • Cubbies and areas set up for putting your bags will marked 6 ft apart for your own individual area with reduced amount of athletes (5-6) allowed in area at one time.
  • Spotting: Coaches can still spot athletes when necessary, but have proper hygiene prior and after spotting, along with wearing mask and eye protection if possible.