Security Gate Schedule

Your safety and security is most important to us. Our security gates provide enhanced security surrounding our Milton Levit Family Campus.

Gate Schedule

Please note - exit gates are always available. The scheduled times below refer to entry into the parking lot.

Day Location Opening/Closing Times
Monday – Thursday Rear Parking Lot  
(by Outdoor Tennis Courts)
4:45 AM/6:00 PM
  Atwell Street Gate 6:00 AM/*9:45 PM
Friday Rear Parking Lot  4:45 AM/6:30 PM
  Atwell Street Gate 6:00 AM/*5:45 PM
Saturday Rear Parking Lot 

4:30 AM/6:15 PM

  Atwell Street Gate 8:00 AM/4:45 PM
Sunday Rear Parking Lot  5:30 PM/8:15 PM
  Atwell Street Gate

6:00 AM/*5:45 PM


*Gates will close 15 minutes prior to the building closing times for access into the parking lots. Rear gates will allow for exit only at all times.

For more information, please contact Member Services at 713.729.3200.