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Theatre Recommendations

The Evelyn Rubenstein JCC Theatre Committee wants to see our community enjoy Jewish theatre from the comfort of their home.  The committee highly recommends shows being offered by The Jewish Repertory Theater (JRT).  JRT  is a program of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Buffalo. Founded in 2002, the JRT is a professional theatre whose mission is to present high quality plays grounded in Jewish life, themes, and values.  Tickets for these shows can be purchased at Please indicate that your JCC is Houston so that 50% of tickets proceeds go back to the Evelyn Rubenstein JCC Theatre program. 

The Year My Mother Came Back  
By Alice Eve Cohen 
February 4-24, 2021
Thirty years after her death, Alice's mother appears during the hardest year Alice has had to face.  She learns that she must walk in her mother's shoes in order to understand her, forgive her, and rediscover her love for her.  In this story of a parent lost and found, Alice finds her mother and rediscovers herself.  A love story.  A ghost story. A contemporary tale that reaches back through generations. I 

Beau Jest
By James Sherman
March 11-31, 2021
What's a nice Jewish girl to do when her parents expect her to marry a nice Jewish doctor even though she’s already in love with another man? Hiring an actor to play her imaginary beau in front of the family seemed like a good idea until the charade is a little too successful and the “hired” boyfriend begins to capture her heart.

Exquisite Potential
by Stephen Kaplan
April 8-28, 2021
All parents think their children are brilliant, Alan Zuckerman just happens to think his 3-year old son, David is the Messiah.  Thirty years ago, Alan and his wife, Laura, visited their rabbi to verify David’s possible divine nature.  Thirty years later, everyone older and wiser, it appears that dad might have been onto something. 

Theatre at the J is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.

For more information on the programs listed above, please contact Amy Rahmani at or 713.595.8197.