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We offer a number of opportunities throughout the year to connect with Israel. Programs range from the arts, to traditional learning and community wide engagement. Look below to find the program that is right for you.

Ongoing Programs & Events

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Shlichim Program

Our Israeli Shlichim work to expand education, understanding and engagement with Israel throughout the Houston Jewish and greater community. They work with all ages, but primarily with high school students in area synagogues, schools, youth movements and other Jewish organizations through classes programs and events. 

This international program is designed to engage communities to be actively involved in becoming closer to their Jewish identity through Israel. Each Shaliach, (the Hebrew word for "Emissary”), is challenged to create programs tailor-made for specific needs of the community in which they reside.  

Rotem Cohen
Shlicha, Evelyn Rubenstein JCC, 2020-Present

Hi! I am Rotem Cohen, I am 24 years old and am from Modi'in, Israel.

In 2015 I was a part of a program that created my first global community. I lived in Jerusalem with Israelis and Americans and learned how much we have in common, and how important it is to have a connection with each other, that there is a Shutfut Goral (shared destiny) between all of us. Following this program I enlisted to the Israeli Air Force and served as an air traffic controller, while continuing to have different encounters with Jewish communities and individuals around the world in summer camps, taglit (birthright) and more.

I chose to move to Houston and be a Shlicha so I can strengthen the connection between our communities, so we can learn about and from each other, and have more global communities.