Happy Hanukkah!


Hanukkah has all ways been one of my favorite holidays. The smell of fried treats in every corner and the light of hanukkiot in every window make a special atmosphere. 

I don’t only like Hanukkah because it gives me an excuse to eat fried food every day; I like it because there is a feeling of togetherness on Hanukkah. 

In my family that feeling exists because my parents got married on the second day of Hanukkah 48 years ago, since then they had 6 children and adopted 4 and we all try to meet up on that day and enjoy it as a family. 

But that feeling exists almost everywhere. If you go out to a bar or a restaurant at about 8:00 PM, people will shut down the music in the background and call everybody in the area to come light the candles. In less than two minutes you find yourself praying, singing and sharing a sufganiya (jelly donut) with people you have never met before and maybe you will never meet again but you have shared this amazing moment together.

And in that moment it really feels that “Kol Israel Achim” all of Israel are brothers. 

I wish my parents mazal tov and to all a Happy Hanukkah! 

Gil Brav | Israeli Shaliach