Israeli Elections #1


Israel ElectionsNext week there will be an event that will affect millions, a Battle between two people with different points of view. Two people who put on a show and try to convince others to support them. I am of course talking about WrestleMania.

But also Israeli elections are happening. 

I have the privilege to be in Israel on the days leading to the elections that will take place next Tuesday. During these days I will travel to many cities in Israel and try to see and share with you how Israelis react to the election. I am spending this weekend in a Moshav (small city) called Hosen- in the north of Israel not far away from the border with Lebanon, where my parents live. 

Today I traveled to the closest city to Hosen: Ma’a lot. While walking through its streets today I could hear people talking about the elections. Everywhere I go, in the mall, the coffee shops and parks you can hear people passionately arguing about elections, and if you listen closely you can hear two names being talked about. 

The first is current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (known as Bibi) and the second is former chief of staff Benny Gantz- leader of “kahul lavan” (blue and white) party. Though there are more candidates, and almost 40 parties that you can vote for, it is most likely that one of these two will become prime minister.

The main debate between the supporters of the two is: who is worthy of leading the state of Israel? Each side trying to show that the other is not worthy.

Gil with FamilyWhile Israelis are very involved and passionate about politics, and approximately 80 percent of us go and vote, here in the north the conversation diverts very quickly from elections to the second most interesting topic - butterflies. In the past few weeks over 700 million butterflies have been migrating through Israel on their way to Europe, more than ever seen before. Even on my short 15 minute car ride I had more than 10 butterflies squish on my windowpane. 

After Shabbat I will travel to Haifa and Ba’ar Sheva and see what people there have to say, but till then my family and I wish you all a quiet, peaceful and happy Shabbat.