Israeli Elections Part 2

Israeli History

For the first time in Israeli politics, after 42 days prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has failed at getting a majority of 61 people in order to form a coalition. In regular days that means that any other of the 119 Knesset members has the opportunity to form a coalition, but sadly Israeli politics much like Houston weather changes every 5 minutes and at these moments the Knesset members are voting to disperse itself, meaning Israel is going for another round of elections at September 17.

I personally think this should not have happened, and it is because of a few people that are not flexible with their rules that Israel again is heading to the ballots. 

No one can predict if these elections will be any different than the last ones, but my hope is that this time there will be a real change in what the Israeli government looks like. 

Israeli politics is very confusing, if you have any questions feel free to ask me ( and I will try to explain as best I can.