Israeli Wonder Woman Makes Jimmy Fallon Eat Israeli Chocolate!

So we are back in the office and it’s a great time for a Israeli update.

And today it’s all about Wonder Women! 

If you haven’t watched Wonder Women yet, do yourself a favor and don’t miss it please. 

Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Women is Israeli, born and raised and actually lived in Israel until a year ago when she realized Wonder Woman is better in LA with the rest of the super heroes.  :-)

Gal has served in the IDF for two years, won Miss Israel when she was 19, played a small role in Fast & Furious movie in 2009, then got into the Wonder Woman and Justice League movies, and the rest is history.

I should have definitely asked her for a selfie when I met her in a small store in Tel Aviv a few years ago, because Wonder Woman has become a phenomenal success, being praised for the direction, performances, and action sequences. The film has set numerous box office records including the 17th highest-grossing film franchise and is now considered one of the greatest superhero films of all time!

And get this: since Gal, who played the Wonder Woman from the Amazon, has an Israeli accent, the film director has decided that the Amazons in the movie will all have Israeli accents as well!

As I am super proud of Gal, and so is every Israeli on this planet, I am happy to share this cool video of her on The Tonight Show. I think bringing Israeli chocolate to American TV is a record itself.    


P.S. Gal Gadot hosting SNL and speaking Hebrew: