Isramail - NBA with an Israeli Twist

NBAToday in the Isramail, NBA. But with an Israeli twist!

Our story starts at 2009, another NBA draft starts, but this year, something special happened. History was made.

Omri Casspi, an Israeli basketball player, was drafted 23rd overall by the Sacramento Kings, making him the first Israeli to be selected in the first round of the draft. With his debut with the Kings in 2009, Casspi became the first Israeli to play in an NBA game. 

At his first two years with the Kings, he played an average of 74 games per season, scoring an average of eight points a game.

In 2010, Casspi was chosen to participate in the NBA All-Star Weekend Rookie Challenge, as well as the NBA All-Star Weekend Competition against Kevin Durant, making the NBA dream even more magical!

In 2011 Casspi moved to Cleveland, but after two not-so-successful years, he decided to come and try his luck here in Houston!

But the story doesn’t end there. While Casspi is getting ready for his 5th year in the NBA, he finds out that now he is not the only Israeli NBA player in America and not even the only one in Texas, as the Dallas Mavericks just signed the second ever Israeli NBA player, Gal Mekel, from Maccabi Haifa.

So this year is going to be definitely interesting as we expect to see the clash of the only two Israelis in the NBA when the Rockets play the Mavericks. Good luck to them all.