Isramail - Tel Aviv

Tel AvivThis month’s weekly Isramails will focus on the cities of Israel! From the eyes of your own Israeli. And this week, Tel Aviv, where the country was born.

Why do I like Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is just a great city, a city to be proud of, a worldly city, a city which for me is the complete difference between the misconceptions of Israel in the world - only camels, hummus and falafels, with innovation and technology like nowhere else in Israel, the middle east and even Europe.

With unmatched nightlife, bars, clubs and restaurants, with fashion, culture and art in every corner, with so many people from so many different backgrounds, a city of ecology, efficient and green,  a city of bicycles and parks, sky rises and beaches, a city of democracy, pluralism and open mindness. Tel Aviv is the city where things happen. It’s the city where dreams come true.


What don’t I like about Tel Aviv?

It’s a city I won’t want to live in - too hectic, too noisy, too crowded, too expensive, no parking and finally and most importantly, its soccer teams - Maccabi and Hapoel Tel Aviv, the biggest rivals of my own team, Maccabi Haifa. So it’s a done deal. Sorry Tel Aviv. 

The place for me that symbolizes Tel Aviv the most is Rabin Square. The place where in '95 during a peace rally Israel’s prime minister Rabin was assassinated. The place where the biggest protests in Israel’s history happened, from the cost of living and cottage cheese, to the laws for immigrations and refugees. It's where the biggest parties and events happen, from art showcases to huge dance mobs.

And finally, it's where people just hangout and live.

Tel Aviv, the beating heart of Israel , the city that never sleeps, and in the middle of it, Rabin Square, is for me, the Israel that people just don’t know about.