Miki Plotkin Bio

Miki Plotkin

Michael (Miki) is 25 years old. He was born in the former USSR and made 'Aliya' with his entire family when he was three years old. As a teenager, he lived in Bet-Shemesh and studied in Jerusalem at 'Havat HaNoar HaTzioni', a unique school that he is excited to tell you about.

After high school, he served three years in the IDF as a commander of the Air Defense Forces. In recent years, Miki served in the Iron Dome unit as part of his reserve duty.

After his military service, he visited the US as a Jewish Agency counselor at camp Tel Yehudah. This experience was very meaningful and influenced his motivation to work with Jewish communities abroad. He started to work as a counselor in different training programs in the former USSR and Russia (even in Siberia), and chose to deepen in this sphere and work as a Shaliach at Houston J.

Miki has a BA in education and political science, from the Hebrew U at Jerusalem, where he also met Herut – his life and Shlicut adventure partner.