My Yom HaShoa

Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) & my Savta (grandmother) Chaia

I will always remember my Savta Chaia for her legendary sandwiches and her fridge that always had ice cream inside. She knew ice cream makes her many grandchildren happy. 

Savta Chaia fled from Poland in 1939 on the last illegal boat to Israel and left her whole family behind. In Israel, she started her new life, she met Saba (grandfather) Aharon, got married, had children and those children had children and even those children had children and today we call our family the “Brav tribe” because there are so many of us. 

Savta never spoke about the people she left behind-her parents and her four siblings and who knows how many more cousins, nephews and uncles. The only thing that we know about them is that they did not survive the war. 

For me Yom HaShoa is not only about remembering those who died and remembering the horrors of the holocaust, it is also about thinking of all those family members that I have never met and what could they have been like, what would have been my relationship with them? 

Savta passed away this year at the age of 102. She had two children, 12 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren. Yehi zichra baruch- may her memory be a blessing.


Savta Chaia and her friends in Grodna (Balarus today) - 1937