My Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur 

on Rosh Hashana we started a hike,
a hard, difficult and strenuous hike
one of those hikes in which you feel each muscle in your legs work.
and today on yom kippur we have almost finished the hike
we get to the top of the mountain
and we look around us at the scenery 

each hill we see represents a person
each stone a regret
each tree a moment
some of the trees are strong , sturdy and green
some are small and weak
some are amputated and only the stem remains- these are the moments we wish to forget
we take twenty four hours to look at this view and appreciate it
the beautiful things and the things that are less beautiful
and we do all of this with the knowledge
that we are in charge of the scenery
and next year when we take this hike again
we will make the stems grow
and make our view
a better one. 

I did not grow up in a religious home in Israel
but I always appreciated the idea of taking one day
and reflecting upon the hard things that happened during the year,
acknowledging that it is human to make mistakes, apologize for them and start anew.
I also like to think about the path that I will take this upcoming year
and this year is even more special because of my arrival to Houston
a new community, new people , new family to take this journey with. 

I wish a meaningful yom kippur to all 

Gil Brav | Israeli Shaliach