Shabbat Shalom

Smile! The weekend is finally here! :)

For this Shabbat I want to share with you a song called "Chiyuchim ("Smiles"). Some of you will probably be familiar with the music since it is a famous melody and sung in different versions in different cultures. The Hebrew version talks about the power of smiling and happiness and the good things in life:

We should, we should learn from the flowers
Do not skimp smiles
And the world will see, will be suddenly so good
You should dream and hope, try just once
We should laugh, we should want to live, we should you should love

The Hebrew version is sung by a great, phenomenal, and very active singer name Hava Alberstain, that celebrated her 70th birthday yesterday! Mazal Tov! For many Israelis she represents the essence of the good old days of Israel as a new state. Her songs are what we tend to see as classical Hebrew and Israeli music. It is definitely just a small taste from her huge repertoire and I hope you'll enjoy it! 

P.S. Herut named after her song “At Heruti” (“You are my freedom”).


Shabbat Shalom.