Shimon Peres Z"L

Shimon Peres"From my earliest youth, I have known that while one is obliged to plan with care the stages of one's journey, one is entitled to dream, and keep dreaming, of its destination. A man may feel as old as his years, yet as young as his dreams. The laws of biology do not apply to sanguine aspiration."  - Shimon Peres, Noble Peace Prize Award speech, 1994 

Shimon Peres, former Israel prime minister (1984-1986), president (2007-2014), Nobel peace prize winner – has passed away September 28, 2016.

If there is someone to tell the story of Israel: history with its struggles and successes, along with grit and the never ending hope for peace, it will be him. 

Shimon Peres is considered one of the founding fathers of Israel and has a special place in the lives and hearts of Israeli society. Some agree with his politics and some do not, but everyone admits that he is one of the most influential people in the history, politics and society of the state of Israel.

I have a strong feeling that a great number of people in Israel have been sitting in front of their TVs or have been waiting for more updates on the hourly news in order to get a better sense of what's happening. This is one of the unique ways Israeli society deals with National events.

Great parts of it gather up in unison, put aside their daily diversities and connect emotionally to the situation, as if the event is happening in their own family. I am overseas and can still feel that big, heavy burden on my heart right now.

May Peres' vision of peace, coexistence and a brighter future enlighten us and guide our way.

May his devotion and love for Israel penetrate into our hearts.

May this great, wise and astounding man rest in peace forever.