The Situation in Israel

As an Israeli Shlicha, I feel an obligation to update you on the recent events in Isreal. Israel is facing a wave of increasing terror attacks in the past couple of days. I’m sitting in my office while getting another notification from the local news in Israel. This time it’s stabbing in Jerusalem. Hearing about these incidents, takes me back to the second Palestinian "Intifada" (uprising) that happened 10 years ago. 

As a teenager growing up in Jerusalem, I remember these days as a terrifying period. The fear of going to public places, walking into restaurants, taking the bus to school while constantly looking around for anything suspicious, or even just walking in my own neighborhood.

I remember feeling my breath taken away whenever I hear the first siren goes on. And the too familiar round of phone calls that starts just to check that everyone is safe.

But I also remember the apathy that I've developed as the time went by. It’s scares me that it doesn’t really scares me anymore, that I got so used to the situation, that it doesn’t alarm me to hear about another incident in Israel.

And I'll finish with a quote by Yishai Armoni, the brother of Naama Henkin, who was murdered with her husband Eitam Henkin in a terror attack last week in front of their four young children, "If you have gone to seek for revenge, dig two graves, one for yourself. I do not want revenge, I want my sister back. And if this is not possible, then I hope that no one takes anyone's sister ever again."

We shouldn't accept this situation, and we shouldn’t let the hatred win.

Let’s hope for better days and "Besorot Tovot" (good news).