The Upcoming Elections in Israel

Niv VotingShalom Y'all!

I'm writing to share some information about the upcoming election in Israel. While every election is important, this one could change the course of history. After six years of service, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may end his term. In one week, the citizens of Israel will have the opportunity to complete their civic duty and vote for their representative in the Israeli Parliament.

The election is between a variety of parties vying for their share of 120 total seats in the Knesset, our Parliament. Unlike in America, where votes are cast for various positions, in Israel, we cast a single vote for the party of our choice.

Once the elections end, the process of building a coalition begins. A coalition is a group of parties that together have more than 61 seats in the Knesset - in order to have a
majority that could support the government and pass bills. The head of the biggest party in the coalition will become the prime minister of Israel.

According to the most recent poll, the Likud, the party of the current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, won't be the largest party anymore. Here are the numbers from this poll (current Knesset seats in brackets):

24 [20] Zionist Union (Herzog-Livni)
21 [18] Likud (Benjamin Netanyahu)
14 [19] Yesh Atid (Yair Lapid)
13 [11] The Joint (Arab) List
12 [11] Bayit Yehudi (Naftaly Benet)
09 [02] Kulanu (Kahlon+Kadima)
07 [10] Shas
06 [07] Yahadut Hatorah/UTJ
05 [13] Yisrael Beitenu (Avigdor Liberman)
05 [06] Meretz
04 [02] Yachad (Yishai+Chetboun+Marzel)

As you can see, the leading party is the Zionist Union, which is a union of two parties - Labor and Ha'tnua, from the left-center side of the political map. The leaders of this party are Issac Herzog And Zipi Livni.

Does this mean Netanyahu won't continue to be PM? Not necessarily. Even if the Zionist Union will be the largest party, they may face a heavily right-wing Knesset. In this case, it is possible that Netanyahu may build a right-wing coalition (of more than 61 seats) to continue serving as PM.

Israeli representatives around the world voted last week. Are you curious to know what my envelope contained? Would you like to talk more about the election or Israeli politics? I'd love to talk!